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Post by RAD-MAN on Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:31 pm

It's a game that... well it's hard to explain.

It's really blocky and pixleated, but that's all to it's advantage. Because it's so simple it has a great randomly generated world that goes on almost forever. (I hear it can go up to about 3X earth's surface.)

You just kind of explore that terrain and build. People build some awesome things in it.

But at night in the game hostile NPCs like zombies spawn everywhere. So you need shelter. Most of them burn up in daylight, but the most famous one, the creeper, doesn't. It is a silent NPC that explodes when you get close to it. Here, someone has captured a couple in minecarts.

There's a free version that is just a small map area, and the alpha version that's on sale right now. Anyone else play?

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